Interview with Spider One and Krsy Fox for ‘Allegoria’

Last week I got the chance to speak with Powerman 5000’s frontman and lead singer Spider One for his new horror movie Allegoria along with its star Krsy Fox. Allegoria is now streaming on Shudder and Spider One is currently touring alongside Rob Zombie. 

AJ: So guys, thank you so much for joining us at infamous horrors today, spider. And the first question is for you, what got you interested in making the jump to film?

Spider One: Well, I’ve always been a huge film fan and I’ve always been involved in, you know, I’ve, I’ve directed a bunch of music videos, and I was involved with a TV show for a while. It’s just kind of always been a dream. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid, honestly, when I saw star wars and I was just like saw behind the scenes of them filming those spaceships and whatever, you know, I’ve just always loved movies I don’t know what took me so long, but, it did, I should have directed a movie 30 years ago, it’s just been a path I’ve been on, you know, slow path, but finally just decided to take the plunge and it’s really been exciting, you know, it’s been exciting to take on new challenges and, you know, cause I’ve done done music for so many years and I kind of know what to expect there, but this is a whole new world of things. So it’s been really fun and it’s fun to finally have people see it and for better or worse, tell me what they think of it and yeah, an amazing adventure.

AJ: And Krsy. What got you interested in jumping in on Allegoria as well? Cause Spider is a well known musician, but when it comes to filmmaking, he, his name isn’t that big yet in filmmaking. So what made you interested in joining this film?

Krsy: Well, Spider and I have a production company together called one Fox productions and we’ve been making things together for quite some time. I think Spider is super talented and most everything he takes on, but when he show me the script to Allegoria and there were different segments, I was blown away by the dialogue and the stories and the character development. And I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. I’ll never turn down getting to play a monster, but definitely the character I got to play. And the, the weight of her, you don’t see that a lot in female characters, especially in horror. And I think that the fact that she was kind of the thing that ends up being really scary was really appealing to me. Um, getting to shoot that big end sequence and getting to just really make everyone extremely uncomfortable was really exciting to me.

AJ: And Spider, and Allegoria there are so many experimental sequences in there. It’s almost like it had a Grindhouse vibe to it. So was that any influences on your filmmaking decisions with this film as well?×250&!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=qnydvDFf9n&p=https%3A//

Spider One: I mean, definitely. you know, for me, yeah. My biggest influences are, are films from the seventies. So I think you can, I’m glad that you picked up on that. I mean, there definitely was a concerted effort to almost embrace the limitations. You know, I mean, we were not talking about a multimillion dollar movie here, so I think there’s something really fun about, you know, um, you know, you know, you watch those movies from the seventies, they didn’t have any trickery, they didn’t have digital cameras, they didn’t have digital effects, they didn’t have drones, so there was something really, you know, artful and beautiful about the simplicity of those movies. And so, you know, I wanted to keep in the spirit of that for, Allegoria and the fanciest we ever got was a Dolly push or, you know, something like that, but that’s, you know, that’s classic Kubrick or, you know, it’s about setting up a great shot and letting it play out. That’s what we tried to do with this movie. So you can see a lot of extended takes and not a lot of manic edit moments because I didn’t wanna do that. Yeah. Because those old movies are the ones that, you know, shaped what I appreciate in film.×250&!5&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=btc84FtLwB&p=https%3A//

AJ: And this is from both of you guys, Krsy you brought up how you and Spider worked together before, but how did the casting for everybody else come about for Allegoria?

Krsy: Obviously it ended up being a spider decision, but Spider and I have worked with a lot of these actors before, we’re fans of them and we’ve been lucky enough that we actually get to put them in our movies and it helped in a weird way with the pandemic because all of these great actors were just home. So we were able to, you know, schedule so many different, different actors. And, um, yeah, so it was just more just, I mean, this more of a spider question, but I think a lot of it just came to, like, we got to cast people. We were just fans of and you know, I was, I got to work with people. I was a fan of, so that’s pretty, pretty awesome.

Spider One: Yeah. And we had some, we had relationships with some, some of them, you know, John Ennis who plays the acting coach. he had recently been in a TV show called death valley that I produced. Scout We have been friends with for years. Adam Bush was in one of Krsy’s film. Someone’s in, was a friend of a friend. So you start, it was a big advantage of, I guess, living in Los Angeles because of course there’s more actors in LA than any place else in the world. So you were lucky enough to know these really talented people that were kind enough to be a part of this movie, and take a chance on me and trusting in me to, you know, to be a part of this film×250&!6&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=LbTGDA5udM&p=https%3A//

AJ: Krsy This one is for you specifically, what were some of the funnest moments you had filming with the cast in this film?×250&!7&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=61Iese4qrX&p=https%3A//

Krsy: Oh, there was a lot of them. I mean, I really loved, getting to do that first reveal with John Ennis because, you know, just getting to have an actor of his caliber, but just scream at me for three hours, which sounds weird. Seems like it would be an awful thing, but it was really inspiring to bring out, you know, the reaction that I was able to give as the monster. I definitely have to say, I think my very favorite was the end scene and getting to do as an actor, getting to do a scene that long from beginning to end, we did it all in one take from each angle and it was just letting like the raw emotion come out and getting Josephine is so talented. The girl who played hope across from me, she was giving you all, giving me all the right reactions and exactly what I was hoping that the audience would be feeling in that moment. And so, yeah, I think that scene was definitely my favorite and it was the only thing in the whole film that was never rehearsed. And it was just, yeah, just like a one take really emotional, really raw thing. And when a lot of the films I grew up loving, you know, I just really connect to scenes like that where you’re just, it just really holds and you feel every single thing that they actor maybe feeling. That was definitely my favorite×250&!8&btvi=7&fsb=1&xpc=pjAc86NUge&p=https%3A//

AJ: Spider you’re currently touring right now as well. So how is dealing with the release of this film and juggling the touring aspect of everything as well? How has that been for you the past?×250&!9&btvi=8&fsb=1&xpc=DJc214BkXy&p=https%3A//

Spider One: Yeah, it’s been, these are my days off is a sitting in a hotel room doing interviews, but, but honestly, I wouldn’t have any other way. I’m so excited to be promoting this movie and I’m able to promote, you know, be on tour and one of the biggest tours of the summer and being able to spread the word about the movie at the same time is, is, I mean, my God, what else can I ask for? Like, , you know, rockstar by night filmmaker by day. I mean, I came, I feel like, you know, my dreams are coming true. So, um, but yeah, it’s been, it’s been a lot, but it’s been absolutely a blast to be talking to people like you and, and spreading the word. And, and then tomorrow I get to jump around on stage for half hour, like an idiot and dream my head up, you know?

AJ: Right. And I believe you were in my neck, in the woods, Sunday night with, the tour going on in Charlotte,!North Carolina.

Spider One: Yeah. Yeah. We were, or we are, or we were, yeah,

Spider One: We were, yeah. You were a Sunday night. Yeah.×250&!a&btvi=9&fsb=1&xpc=aP5rii60sF&p=https%3A//

Spider One: Yeah. Uh, where were you? You didn’t come home.

AJ: I was at home.

Spider: Get a ticket next time.

AJ: Its tough for me to go out into concerts with my anxiety really has to .

Spider One: Yeah, I, yep. I believe I hear you,

AJ: But a lot of people just tell me, man, just go. I mean, the con the crowd is there to hear the concert just as much as you are.

Spider One: Yeah, yeah. for sure.

AJ: well guys, thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been really fun and congratulations on the film and I hope a lot of people enjoy it when it comes out on Shudder.

Spider One: I appreciate it. Thanks for thanks a lot.

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