Bunker Review

Bunker is a war horror movie that we need more of. The story is intense brought to life by the actors in the film and director Adrian Langley whom brings us an eerie claustrophobic harrowing experience. It’s great to see an independent horror movie like this to take war serious along with the tension that it takes to captivate an audience.

Often we get overly preachy War movies that try too hard to be an action movie, instead of focusing on uniform details and depicting soldiers at war. Which is why I enjoyed Bunker as much as I did The Trench. The score is also fantastic to elevate the suspense building constantly and considerably. The acting by Roger Clark, Luke Baines, Eddie Ramos, and Julian Feder are fantastic for the young cast. Sean Cullen is extraordinary as the leader.

Bunker doesn’t have the same production values of some films that make it to cinemas, however, the story and spooky atmosphere more than makes up for any technical issues you may find within the film. Adrian Langley has a real knack for filmmaking and I cannot wait for what he has does next.

Overall Grade: 3/5 Stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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